About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Transforming video data into actionable insights

To create a safer world where security is no longer a taxing concern to businesses and cities, thereby making development and growth their primary goal.

Our Core Values

We are a group of passionate learners and problem-solvers who are on a constant hunt for the latest developments in AI and machine learning technologies when it comes to video analytics. We believe in the diversity of approaches toward resolving problems, achievable through perceptive, adaptive, and innovative frameworks. Our team of developers, engineers, and business analysts work closely with our customers to tailor scalable solutions that not only meet their security and business needs but that also optimize performance, productivity, and profitability.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion

We find inspiration and meaning in striving to constantly develop our skills and expertise. Being driven by a passion for what we do, innovation is only second nature to us.

We are problem-solvers

We see opportunities in obstacles, and we believe that there are multiple solutions to any problem. By adopting an adaptive and inventive perception of the world, we approach problems with confidence and determination.

We see the value in time

Because we believe that time is money, we understand the value it holds for our partners. Our excellence lies in delivering our promises in the shortest time.

We build partnerships

We cherish and respect every single partnership we build by dedicating our time and resources to supporting them toward achieving their goals.

We create safe and sustainable spaces

By making the most efficient use of technology, we jointly work with our partners to create safe and sustainable cities and communities.

We march in green

Knowing that our products demand excessive power for optimal performance, we keep creating solutions that have the planet’s interest at heart.

The Founders

Jean Wehbe

Co-Founder & CEO

Michel Matta

Co-Founder & CTO

Michel Cordahi

Co-Founder & Board Member

Leila Christel Daher

Co-Founder & Board Member